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My career with dogs started in 1990...

When I was hired by the Arlington Animal Welfare League as a Kennel Technician.  It was here that I learned about the plight of unloved and unwanted dogs and cats.  This was also the beginning of my life as a rescuer.  Over the next ten years, I worked in many pet-related fields, including as a Vet Assistant, a Kennel Attendant, a Petsitter, and a novice Dog Trainer.  I also became involved with the Great Dane Rescue and English Bulldog Rescue.

Joyce Keeton Dog Training & Behavior Modification | Clayton, GA

In 1999, I opened my first pet hotel, Pets In Paradise, in Lutz, FL.  One of my first experiences in this new endeavor was being mauled by a client’s dog and ending up in the ER.  Even though I was hurt badly, I didn’t want that dog to be euthanized.  I wanted to know WHY she did this to me.  The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to know how to keep myself safe and help dogs with aggression issues.  I enrolled in classes at The American Institute for Animal Science and studied Animal Behavior with a specialization in canines.  Upon graduating, I received my certification as a Canine Behavior Counselor from the Association for Animal Behavior Counselors.

Joyce Keeton Dog Training & Behavior Modification | Clayton, GA

In 2008, I opened my 2nd pet hotel, The Dog Spot Training & Enrichment Center, in Loganville, GA.  My focus was on offering quality, loving care for dogs by providing exceptional playcare, boarding, enrichment, and training services.  I also started teaching young Trainers the skills necessary to acquire their certifications and teach effectively and humanely.

In 2017, I received my certification as a Fear-Free Certified Trainer.  This certification is focused on preventing and alleviating fear, anxiety, and stress in pets by addressing their emotional well-being around Veterinary and Grooming visits.

In November 2021, I moved to Clayton to focus on my training and enrichment programs.  I love living in the mountains and look forward to teaching more and more people that humane training is safe and effective training.  Teaching without pain, fear, and intimidation creates calm, confident, optimistic dogs and builds solid human/canine relationships.


I now live in Clayton, on the side of a mountain, in my dream home with my partner, Dr. Elizabeth Perry, a Veterinarian.  We have an assortment of dogs and cats. The number varies as we continue to be involved in rescue and occasionally bring home a rescue to love.

I love hiking, camping, hanging out with my dogs, campfires, going to breweries and wineries, and meeting new people.  If you see me around town, I will likely be with one of my dogs. I also just bought a (new to me) 1992 Jeep Wrangler and look forward to exploring the back mountain roads.

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